Skintelligence is a
subdivision of Cara Bonita, LLC

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Skintelligence offers a wide range of skincare, spa treatments, and cosmetic medical services, including: facials, photofacials, microdermabrasion, waxing, tinting, laser hair removal, Juvaderm and Radiesse injections, Botox, massages, and high quality make-up.

Our promise is to provide you with the highest level of professional service using our skill and expertise in a calm and welcoming environment.

We are located in Vienna, Virginia and have been providing high quality spa treatments, skincare, and cosmetic medical services to clients in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Southern Maryland since 2006.

New Hours

Beginning in June Skintelligence will be closed on Wednesdays!


Permanent makeup will be available at Skintelligence!

Shirley Zhou is now available for consultations and or treatments for permaneant makeup. She has over 20 years experience and has performed over 10,000 procedures.

Shirley says, "I use a machine for all procedures. But for eyebrows we do hair stroke technique, it looks like 3D and each individual hair grows there. Depends on the effect clients want, we can do Dotting, Shading and Solid Fill in technique. Basically,from a scale 1-10, you can go as light as 1 or as strong as 10."

Appointments are necessary so call or email the office to schedule. Consultations are free.

More information is available on her website

September Specials

Save on Latisse

Save $20 on either the small or large Latisse kit this month only.

Large (5cc): $150 (List Price: $170)

Small (3cc): $100 (List Price: $120)



Product of the Month


Lumiere Riche eye cream is a Neocutis Skin Care Product.  This eye cream contains 3 emollients that will lock in and retain moisture.


 Other ingredients include:

  • 30% processed skin proteins (help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Caffeine (reduces puffiness)
  • Wild yam extract (reduces sagging and improves texture.

15% off this month only

Tip of the Month

Apples and back to school go hand in hand, but this month we'd like to focus on America's favorite garden vegetable,TOMATOES.  Take advantage of the local farmers markets and get the last of the tomato harvest.

Tomatoes  contain a variety of  nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to our organ systems including the largest organ system... the skin. The lycopene in the tomato, which gives the vegetable its red color, is very effective in reducing the risk of cancer. It is a scavenger to the cancer causing free radicals.


Vitamin A reduces the risk of macular degeneration and maintains health eye sight.


High levels of potassium, reduces tension in the blood vessels and arteries which can reduce blood pressure. Lycopene  can reduce the LDL ( bad) cholesterol levels as well as triglyceride levels


Vitamin C is abundant  in tomatoes. Collagen is reliant on this antioxidant since it helps protect the skin from environmental factors and is beneficial in maintaining healthy skin texture.  Tomato juice is sometimes used to relieve the symptoms of a sunburn, it will reduce the "redness" that is associated with the burn.

Digestive system.  High in fiber, great for the digestive system.

Muscle and nervous System. 


Choline is found in tomatoes and will benefit our sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory.