Skintelligence is a
subdivision of Cara Bonita, LLC

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Skintelligence offers a wide range of skincare, spa treatments, and cosmetic medical services, including: facials, photofacials, microdermabrasion, waxing, tinting, laser hair removal, Juvaderm and Radiesse injections, Botox, massages, and high quality make-up.

Our promise is to provide you with the highest level of professional service using our skill and expertise in a calm and welcoming environment.

We are located in Vienna, Virginia and have been providing high quality spa treatments, skincare, and cosmetic medical services to clients in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Southern Maryland since 2006.

New Hours

Beginning in June Skintelligence will be closed on Wednesdays!


Permanent makeup will be available at Skintelligence!

Beginning April 9th Shirley Zhou will be available for consultations and or treatments for permaneant makeup. She has over 20 years experience and has performed over 10,000 procedures.

Shirley says, "I use a machine for all procedures. But for eyebrows we do hair stroke technique, it looks like 3D and each individual hair grows there. Depends on the effect clients want, we can do Dotting, Shading and Solid Fill in technique. Basically,from a scale 1-10, you can go as light as 1 or as strong as 10."

Shirley will be available on April 9th from 1-5. Appointments are necessary so call or email the office to schedule. Consultations are free.

Interested in permanent makeup?  Shirley s available on June 5th and June 19th before she takes her month long vacation in July.

Openings are still available so call the office to schedule a consultation and or treatment.

More information is available on her website

July Specials


Want to try an alternative to botox?  Xeomin , also know as Incobotulinum A is also effective in reducing the lines associated with movement in select areas. Common areas treated are crows feet, frown lines (glabella) and the forehead.

We will be offering the following special between July 14-28th to give you the opportunity to try this product.

For every 10 units that you purchase we will give you an additional ten units FREE. 

Cost is $12 per unit.

Make your next appointment in October for Xeomin and you will receive $50 off a purchase of 20 units or more.

Appointments are necessary so call to schedule.

Product of the Month

As we age   and our estrogren levels decrease, we  lose the ability to  produce oil to hydrate the skin so we need to add moisturizers as well as products that contain hyaluronic acid.  The hyaluronic acid will naturally pull moisture into the skin.

Skinmedica TNS Serums and Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel 

(both contain  Hyaluronic Acid)  

Both 15% off this month only!

Tip of the Month

Beauty and the Beets

Beets are packed with iron, copper, niacin, potassium, manganese (trace mineral good for UV protection  and collagen stimulation), magnesium, calcium, zinc, folic acid and vitamin C.  These nutrients are great for a glowing complexion. Vitamin C helps to boost collagen production and folic acid is great for healthy skin and hair. Also your skin is protected from damage by free radicals which cause premature aging thanks to the betalain antioxidant (gives beets their red pigment).  Beets are also good for your blood pressure and digestion.